bBasketballTM  for Android and iOS

Brief Description

Basketball is about force, stamina and technique.

bBasketball is your own strategy behind it. Just like the game itself, bBasketball focuses on quick and timely action.

The time to create or modify a strategy is minimized - full screen visibility and just three buttons for the coach.

Be the coach... be part of the brainspool project

bBasketball for Android and iOS enables you to draw your tactics in a neat and easy way on your mobile devices.

bBasketball is price and ad free and it has been tested and run on top selling Android phones and tablets.

Your tactics can be saved as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files on your devices


Download bBasketball for Android!

Download bBasketball for iOS!



Features of WizPlan
- Easy to use, tap to place player, drag to draw arrow
- Draw with two colors
- Draw players as X's and O's
- Draw movement arrow automatically
- Go back on previous tactics drawing
- View tactics on your computer


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