WizPlanPROTM  Drawing & Sketching Application
for Android

Brief Description

WizPlanPRO is the latest member of the WizPlan family of productivity applications developed by The Brainspool Project: an application intended for drawing and measuring sketches of any kind.

WizPlanPRO is designed and implemented for easy use in any working environment, especially in uncomfortable worksite conditions (little space and no place to lay a drawing pad). It incorporates by design a very simple user interface: icons induce simplicity and subsequent automation of movements while drawing. In addition, in order to save workspace, all the softkeys have been placed in a sliding row above the drawing.

Once the sketch is drawn, the user can automatically via Bluetooth input dimensions taken from a Leica DISTO® measuring device. The professional user can also edit/alter the dimension taken automatically on the drawing.

The user can save the work on board the tablet (or smartphone) and subsequently (if desired) has the option to convert the WizPlan-format files of the device into scalable vector graphics (SVG) drawings by using the converter available in the user account section of https://www.brainspool.com/?page=Login. After you create an account page in the brainspool project’s website, you will have a complete and continuously updated log of works which were uploaded and converted.
For a short period and for user familiarization purposes, the paid version of WizPlanPRO will be available with a bonus/complimentary package of 10 conversions to SVG files!

Getting Started

WizPlanPRO does not require any preparation, other than an optional definition of preferences, i.e. background grid size and color, line thickness and color, and document name.

The Main Modes

WizPlanPRO operates in two main Modes (Draw and Select), and each main Mode includes sets of softkeys for performing various drawing tasks. An additional Mode of WizPlanPRO is the BT Mode (or DISTO-Connect), which enables automatic measurements. The chosen mode is displayed in English at the top right position of the status bar at all times, while underneath the name is a softkey with the sign of the other mode (i.e. prompt to change mode). To facilitate uninterrupted drawing the Undo, Pan and Zoom function softkeys are continuously part of the displayed group of softkeys.

The Draw Mode

By default WizPlanPRO will start at the Draw Mode, and will display “Draw mode” at the top right position of the status bar; if no softkey is touched, WizPlanPRO will start drawing straight line segments as the imprint of your moving finger or soft-tip stylus pen.

The Draw Mode enables you to draw lines (straight or freehand) and circles and input text at specific positions on the sketch.

The Select Mode

The Select Mode is used to transform, move, trim, extend or duplicate already drawn lines, as well as to draw curves based on a selected chord. Also, to edit or delete text, or change the color, size and/or position of text.

The DISTO-Connect (or BT) Mode

The DISTO-Connect (or BT) Mode is used to connect your tablet (if Bluetooth-equipped) to a Leica Disto® measuring device, so as to obtain automatic measurements on the sketch. Instruction on this mode is provided in the in-app Help section.

The Supportive Modes

There are two supportive Modes (Pan and Zoom), which are on continuous display at the end of the row of softkeys in either one of the main Modes.


The <Undo> softkey is used to undo the last action, e.g. a circle or a line or the selection of an object or group of objects. Some functions cannot be undone (move, copy, pan, zoom, and some others, which can be reversed manually by repeating the undesired action inversely).

Managing on Board the Device the Files Generated by WizPlan (Paid Version)

The generation and processing of files is probably the part of the application which is most crucial to the user, since it preserves and furthers one’s work. As such, the developers of this application have taken special care to ensure the most rewarding and beneficial results for you, including automatic/back-up save and user-induced save.

Managing online at www.brainspool.com the Files Generated by WizPlan

The generation and management of .svg files produced by converting the WizPlan-format files is achieved through the www.brainspool.com online converter and file manager. Online processes can be completed by any computer or mobile device with internet access.



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Features of WizPlanPRO
- user-friendly interface, with little burden on complex tasks and easy-to-learn soft keys
- different drawing modes, straight line drawing and freehand sketching capability
- selectable snap-on grid size and color
- selectable line thickness and color
- objects can be filled with different line width/color
- color and alpha selection from menu of six standard colors or from pallet
- single-point circle drawing, with capability to transpose center and circumference
- continuous (polyline, i.e. point-to-point designated) drawing for straight lines and circles
- rectangle (includes square) drawing by diagonal
- select mode to form curves, change line color and width, trim/extend lines, move objects
- mirror (flip horizontally or vertically)
- rotate objects by 90 deg in both directions
- copy/paste, duplicate object(s)
- input (metric) dimensions via wheel widget; activate and deactivate dimensions layer
- select which dimensions you want to view (measured/unmeasured/all)
- text insertion at any point on the sketch, with or without pointer
- ability to change text color, size and position (text stays always horizontal)
- deselect function
- undo function
- pan and zoom
- save file and autosave on exit/stop and workfile change
- automatic input of measurement from Leica DISTO® via Bluetooth
- ability for manual correction/editing of automatic measurements


WizPlan and WizPlan FREE are drawing and sketching apps for Android tablets and phones with eventual SVG output from our dedicated converter.


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