The Brainspool Project is about carving today's and tomorrow's state-of-the-art in the internet and mobile devices into fashionable, innovative, elegant and affordable applications and educational solutions.

We will design, develop and yield applications in a way that boosts learning efficiencies and automates repetitive or tedious tasks.

Whether we serve an engineer, an artist, a teacher, an analyst, a technician, an attorney, whether we support a professional specialist or we entertain a passionate hobbyist, we want our user to be immediately allowed to employ our tools to improve skills and perform complicated tasks.

By dipping into the wealth of information in web 3.0 and by using advanced computer processing from the cloud on any simple handheld device, we envision to assist everyone in her/his quest to obtain knowledge and benefit from experiences, gain self-consciousness and self-confidence based on achievements.

However, we will continue to respect the notion that the net is a powerful tool, but cannot substitute real life.

Our vision is thus to point to "the brainspool way" and open up yet another path towards the effective use of intelligent tools for productivity, pleasure and self-consciousness.


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